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Up there
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I like giving away little pieces of me, throwing them out on the world wide web, be it personal images or intimate confessions, anonymously or with my name on them. I like to think that, all those tiny little pixels, all those tiny meaningfully insignificant bits of my identity will reach out somewhere unimaginable & be appreciated. Even if it's just once.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I used to watch movies all the time, mum always took my brother & I to Blockbuster every week & we'd rent over three movies. I don't know why I stopped watching movies... but I plan on starting again. Yesterday I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona & LOVED it. Penelope Cruz is so genuine. 

I also used to go to the movies allot, but I guess I stopped because
a)Nobody takes me out to the movies anymore
b)Most movies suck anyways & then I'll get pissed because it was a waste of cash
c)My dad

"Only unfulfilled love can be romantic" So true. So, so true.



For having survived an entire week on shrimp Cup Noodles! Yay, I fucking love this stuff.