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Hey, it's Andy!
You're still one of my favorites.


Patience, my dear child

I just bickered at this little square, questioning it it's purpose & cause-- only to realize it was I whom deleted the content in the first place. If there happen to be any more of these blocks on this blog, I'll take the blame for it. 

Picture of the day


Penelope Cruz
Vicky Cristina Barcelona


A colores

Homenaje A Una Bella Cancion

About another wedding ring

These rings made by Sakurako Shimizu, the engraving is based on the recording of the person's voice saying "I do"- which of course makes it unique. Now I can't decide which I like best!!! To check out more of Sakurako Shimizu's genius jewelry, follow this link.


Kenny high on cat piss

What a great fucking episode.


Most Curious Moustache Related Things I've Found Pt.1

I don't know where the moustache craze came from, but it seemed everyone got it- including me (shit, if I named my blog Moustacheology). Over the past few months I've been finding allot of moustache related things & have been saving them up. They're piling up in my computer, so here's the first batch; There's actually a cocktail called "The Tom Selleck"... I wonder if it tastes hairy.


When you kiss me,

are you thinking of me?


Yara's Bday Card

Yara's Bday Card

Haha, yeah I lost it. But at least she really liked it.


My new favorite way of viewing images. If I had a real kaleidoscope, it would be my new favorite way of viewing everything.