The Elephant Tree

Gennady Gomez seems to have listened to too much of Thom Yorke's melodic voice, I believe that's my favorite part about his music. Of course there's always also something genius behind a one man show's. Give him a listen at his myspace.




A Break From May Showers

dust to dust
farewell spring, summer come home
burn us to the ground



If One Day You Happen To Pass Me By The Streets

And I've had too much to drink and in turn have become a streaming faucet of everything I had to eat mixed with stomach fluids along with alcohol, please, PLEASE take a picture of me. I'll pay.

Take an example from Martin Creed
Sole pictures of girls throwing up isn't what his work is entirely based on.


Picture Of The Day

Personally, I dislike sushi. But what sort of person would call themselves a Katamari Damacy fan and not want to eat this?!